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Online Marketing and Website Development

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MAG Studios is a software development, website development and online marketing company spearheaded by IIT graduates with over 35+ years hands on experience in delivering technology powered solutions. We have over the years worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups in all continents of the world. With a global presence and extremely strong and capable leadership, we are poised to deliver the technology solution you are looking for. Read more about MAG Studios


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Benefits Of Website Development With HTML5 And CSS3

In today’s world, web presence has become a must. To create an opportunity for your business to enter the global market, to reach out to a wide variety of audiences, to ensure 24*7 customer service, to increase your avenues for marketing campaigns and to increase your visibility, credibility and traffic - what your business needs is a “Website”. A good website comes with a unique design so as to attract visitors and offers excellent user-experience so as to ensure that the users prefer to more

How Will The End Of Support For Windows XP Affect A Software Development Company?

So, have you switched from your Windows XP to a new Operating System? If not, then it’s high time to upgrade to a modern version like, the Windows 7 or Windows 8, especially if you are running a software development company. The countdown for the “end of support for Windows XP” had already begun since last year. Even though the termination date was extended several times, this time it is an official declaration, so we have to take it seriously. Microsoft has officially announced that it more

How To Stop ‘Heartbleed’ Computer Bug Which Can Crack Your Email, Firewall And Mobile Phone?

How secure are you with your email systems and firewalls or maybe, even your mobile phones? Security experts have recently discovered that hackers can crack your email systems, firewalls or even your mobile phones through the ‘Heartbleed’ Computer Bug and the risk can extend beyond internet web servers. Experts say, the bug is there for almost two years and it surprisingly went undetected. The hackers can easily use the bug to steal your data without even leaving any trace of it. The more

Benefits of Hiring A Website Development Company In India

Today, Website development is one of the most preferred professions in India. Young computer engineers passing out from some of the reputed engineering colleges of India are frequently choosing this field as their profession not only because of money but they find it a great way to utilize their skills and extend their quality services to their customers. Website development services in India have earned huge recognition all over the world and this has made India one of the most preferred IT more

Offshore Software Development India

Offshore Software Development In India Over the years, the IT sector has witnessed a lot of changes and improvements. Today, there is hardly any sector that runs without the involvement of IT and its biggest contribution to the world is the software development process. A software development process is a significant part of IT and involves a set of activities that leads to the development of a software product. Be it an industry, business or the banking sector, software development has become more