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Online Marketing and Website Development

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MAG Studios is a software development, website development and online marketing company spearheaded by IIT graduates with over 35+ years hands on experience in delivering technology powered solutions. We have over the years worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups in all continents of the world. With a global presence and extremely strong and capable leadership, we are poised to deliver the technology solution you are looking for. Read more about MAG Studios


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Custom Website Design Vs Website Templates: A Comparative Study

After dealing with website design services in India for so many years, a question that I often get to hear from many of you is, “which is better: custom web designing or website template?” Ever since you have established your business, you have always aimed at saving money and making profit. Isn’t it? And now, when you are planning to take your business online, you are facing a dilemma whether or not to hire a website designer. Hiring a web designer is the best advice I can give more

Instagram Launches HyperLapse : A New App For The iOS Smartphones

Viewing a high-quality video has its own charm. Isn’t it? Photo and Video sharing network Instagram, bought by Facebook in 2012, has launched a new iOS app called Hyperlapse. The time-lapse app can capture high-quality videos during motion using the image stabilization technique. Just tap once on your smartphone and it will start recording videos until you tap again to end it. The best thing about the app is its speed regulating feature. With this, you will have full control over more

Not Google, But It Is Amazon To Have Acquired Twitch: Internet Advertising On The Target

All this while, rumors were about Google-Twitch deal but surprisingly it is Amazon which has ultimately acquired Twitch a video streaming service that connects gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast their games and share them with other gamers. The nearly $ 1 billion acquisition has left many of us with raised-eyebrows thinking what exactly has motivated Amazon to buy Twitch. Well, Twitch is quite a popular video streaming service with over a million active users. It is a more

Google Is Developing The Biggest Ever Autonomous Knowledge Base – Knowledge Vault

Google, the California based search engine giant is developing the biggest ever knowledge store that autonomously collects and merges data from across the web and makes it accessible for all. It stores facts and figures from around the world with authenticity more than 90 percent. The system, named as knowledge vault, collects information in a way so as to enable both machines and humans to read it unlike Google’s already existing Knowledge Graph that depends totally on human intervention. more

What Makes India The Most Sought-After Destination For Offshore Software Development Services?

Offshore Software Development Services In India In this competitive world, technology has become the most fundamental requirement for businesses. With the advancement in technology, businesses have started relying on the latest softwares for increasing their productivity and efficiency. Increased numbers of software development companies are nothing but the result of the rising demand for software development services.  Consequentially, offshore software development has become that latest and more